A Day Outside

Liz and I continue to spend a majority of our time… indoors. At home. We’ve both had both our jabs, but despite it all… we’ve been a bit reticent to simply resume our old lives like nothing’s wrong.

We run errands still, we go out still. But we gravitate a lot to staying in.

Today though, we decided to make a day of being outside. We had errands to run, and opted to leave our house early… and just stay “outside” all day. And by outside, we really just mean out and about in the world.

We started off the morning bright and early, arriving at Lula Cafe in Logan Square right at 9AM. We had an appointment to get new glasses for around 2PM, and nothing at all planned for in-between.

After breakfast, we opted to just walk around Logan Square a bit. It’s been a long while since we lived here, and it was nice to just wander a bit and get refamiliar with what’s around (what remains, what’s gone, what’s new).

I was taken with the bust, Liz was taken with the Japanese maple.

Near the Logan Square Comfort Station, we spotted some puzzling structures. I eventually remembered this was the site of a lot of installations.

Seems like this one such installation, and perhaps in the process of being broken down: Anatomy for Interiors (Lia Kohl, Jasmine Mendoza, Corey Smith).

Two old windows, with photos and details about nearby businesses/buildings.

Interesting side note: about 2 blocks away, Liz and I had encountered a broken mirror/frame about the same shape and size as these. We weren’t sure what it was, but on seeing this… I think it was related.

Walking down Milwaukee, we happened across Daisies – a place we had visited for my birthday in 2019. Which wasn’t all that long ago, but also feels like a lifetime ago.

We noticed they were open for lunch, but also had a “Market.” Intrigued, we went inside.

In the back, they had converted some additional seating space to a small little market area.

Lots of pastas, but also lots of canned goods.

Beans from Sparrow Coffee (not a roaster I’m familiar with), alongside some hand made pasta. Really delicious looking and tempting. A great use of the space, IMO.

We ended up getting some pasta for a few future meals. And also made a mental note to come back for dinner some time soon.

Walking around Logan Square proper, we discovered that La Boulangerie had returned. We’re likely very late to the party, but were happy to see what was once a staple was in a new spot (and had several people waiting in line, outside).

On driving down the boulevard, dealing with the same terrible lane designs. Some things (unfortunately) never change.

Fast forward a bit to Ukranian Village, a late lunch at Milk and Honey, and a walk over to D/Vision for our vision appointment.

After this, we ran a few more errands – a yarn shop, and a brief stop at Warehouse Liquors. We got into some really, really interesting converastions with the owners there, got to sample two store-picked single casks from Arran, and learned a lot more about their relationships with various distilleries.

We ended up getting a parking ticket (we thought we were in a loading zone, but turns out no… we weren’t). But had some great converastions about whisky. And scored a bottle of Blanton’s. So it all kind of evened out.

Today, walking around various neighborhoods… it made me feel like a younger version of myself. I was reminded of a recent neighborhood tour (with Timo and Luis), but also had waves of nostalgia of when I used to just wander around for no other reason than to wander around.

It’s been a while since Liz and I did this, any of this, and it was great. No real deadlines, no rush, just ambling around.

Liz and I spend too much of our time at home, sitting at a desk, working. And to carve out a full day where we did the exact opposite of that… felt really good. And in many ways, felt like a reminder of a normal day.

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