Happened across a link to a site called Gamesnacks, which houses a ton of simple games to play, online. They’re fairly straightforward, quick to load, and decently addictive.

I haven’t browsed them all, but I lost a decent amount of time to Carrom Clash (specifically Disc Pool).

I’m reminded a lot of Orisinal… and feel like we’ve had a loss of so many Flash-based games since, well.. since Flash died its slow, unavoidable death.

The games here are fine, and pretty smooth and slick. But there’s still some distance, I feel, before these games match up to what I have in my memory.

I was surprised to see the Trex game, and thought to myself “Well, Google can’t be happy with that.” Since this is the game that becomes available in Chrome when the browser detects that it’s offline.

Revisiting the MetaFilter thread where I found the game… I realized this collection of games was built by Google specifically “to test whether lightweight, casual games would resonate with people who use the internet via low memory devices on 2G and 3G networks, especially in countries like India and Indonesia.” More details in this blog post.

Also? It was developed by Area 120, which is an incubator group from Google. A fun name, given Google’s famous 20% rule. The tagline on Area 120: “Many of Google’s best ideas begin as experiments or passion projects. At Area 120, we work on 20% projects 100% of the time.”

[via MetaFilter]


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