Early Morning View

Snapped this photo, soon after waking up. There’s a time change here, where everything is an hour earlier on Eastern (versus Central time in Chicago).

I popped awake pretty early today. And after showing, got started in with my work day a bit earlier than normal.

It’s bad to say, but while we’ve been up here… mostly what we’ve done is work. Liz and I both started our days earlier, which has been nice. But we also worked longer into the evenings.

Our breakfasts have been a bit more involved. And Liz has been making some great dinners. In the evenings, we’ve watched movies and tried to relax. But for the most part, the days are mostly still work days.

Still – it’s been nice to have a change of scenery. And an incredible view on the other side of the windows.

Travel Day
Working From (a New) Home

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