Thanksgiving at Whitehall Lakehouse, 2021

It’s always good to have a plan.

A busy kitchen. And me, just standing off to the side, watching all the action take place. L to R it’s Liz, waiting on some ingredients, Kirt tending to the turkey and potatoes, Izzy prepping biscuits and rolling croissants, Anne checking the cupboards.

One to-do item for the day was to cut the main table down a bit. Kirt had plans to do this all day, but there was a constant barrage of rain and sleet.

Eventually, it got to close to dinner, and he just had to pull the trigger. I got to help haul this guy outside, while Kirt sawed and sanded the table down.

This was about 20 minutes prior to dinner being served. Talk about down to the wire!

The (shortened) dinner table, set and ready. Like a goof, I took this photo but failed to get a group photo… or even a shot of the spread. Ah well.

Travel Day
Working From (a New) Home
Early Morning View

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