A Visit to Cosmic Candy Company, Pentwater, MI

Lazy day today, the day after Thanksgiving. We had a late breakfast, mostly just hung out and drank coffee and caught up some. Mid-afternoon, we decided to head out for a bit to visit a stretch of shops in Pentwater.

One place where I took a ton of photos: Cosmic Candy Company (aka Pentwater Popcorn).

The 13 year old version of me is jumping up and down, wondering why we aren’t buying all the available gum.

Liz was shocked to find that these cigarette candies were still being sold.

The “Pucker Powder” candy dispenser, which I saw and was intrigued by…

Primarily because of the dispensers. I feel like 2 out of every 15 kids ends up deciding to wrap their lips around this thing.

I’m an adult, and I’m not even sure how this dispenser actually works. And if I’m being completely honest, it required a tremendous amount of self-control to not wrap my lips around this thing.

Oh, Zoltar. I really do miss that Skype bot I created.

A view of the space – tons and tons of candy.

Waiting in line to check out.

In the evening, as we were playing some Mahjong, Jackson worked on getting a huge jawkbreaker into his mouth.

I was both awed at the dedication, and super anxious he would end up choking on the thing. I had a backup plan all worked out in my head, where we’d be standing over the kitchen sink as I sprayed lukewarm water into his mouth to slowly dissolve thing.

All in preparation for when he got it into his mouth, but wouldn’t be able to get it out.

A brief respite, where the jawbreaker found its way into a small glass… much like a pair of dentures. Gross.

Jackson, continuing to work on the jawbreaker during family movie time. I couldn’t help but think of Tyrone Biggums, every time I looked up.

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