Searching for a Christmas Tree, Montague Tree Farms

Day trip today, over to Montague Tree Farms in search of an Xmas tree. On the way there, we spottd some swans in the lake… and stopped to take a few photos.

On arriving, we found a map of the area along with an assortment of saws.

Main building.

Driving, looking at the various trees.

Liz, spotting a potential in the distance.

Parked, and looking back at the entrance/main building.


Group photo in front of the tree (that will eventually find its way to Detroit).

Me, trying to take a group selfie.

Picking up the pieces.

Izzy and Liz, warming up by the fire.

On our way home, we stopped off at Colby’s Hokey Pokey consignment shop.

A basket of baskets. I couldn’t help but take this photo.

An amazing looking safe that, of course, wasn’t for sale. It made me think of the Safecracker of Last Resort.


Some incredible details on the lock/handle.

Another safe. What was this building used for, previously? And is there cash hidden in the walls?


After arriving home, Liz and I took a ride with Izzy… who just got her learner’s permit.

The jawbreaker, prepped for travel. Still a work in progress. Still gross.

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