Early Xmas in Detroit: Day 2

Sandy, who loves a good fire.

Outside, a gaggle of geese camped out just past the birdfeeder.

Christmas dinner, prepped and ready for the oven.

Liz prepped up a small charcuterie board.

Liz and Sandy, in the kitchen.

A very quiet living room.

Kirt, carving up dinner with Izzy snaps a few Instagram photos.

Sandy, waiting. Always waiting.

Dinner table.

Food and wine and family.

Didn’t realize how much plaid we had going on, tonight.

Relaxing in the living room, opening gifts.

Jackson and Izzy.

Kirt posing with his steampunk welding goggles.

A view of the chaos, from above.

Early Xmas in Detroit: Day 1

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