Holiday House Work: Upstairs Hall

With us in the last week of our time off from work, Liz and I have set out some house tasks to complete. Work was particularly busy for the both of us, in the last months of this year… and we’re trying to get back into a rhythm of working on the house, consistently, again.

One task: finish up the insulation along the South wall on the second floor, and get some Visqueen across everything.

Dumb me: I set up the Bakers Scaffold, but forgot to bring up the insulation. I ended up sliding each piece, one by one, onto the scaffold. And had to squeeze myself between the scaffolds rungs to get to/from the second floor. Or, as Liz described the process: “Just Jackie Chan it!”

I do have to say, having a second person to help set up the scaffold was lovely. I’m able to set it up myself, but boy howdy is a second person so much better.

A section of wall that just never got insulated, due to laziness. Tackling that today.

Also, another section near the top of the stairs and bathroom. No reason it needs to remain incomplete, and also on the list for today.

With the Bakers Scaffold on the stairs, I had a ladder on the scaffold itself. I’m sure OSHA would have had a fit with my setup, but I made sure to be careful. Despite my bad history working on ladders.

A fun thing: as I was working on the second floor, I could hear Liz working on patching up areas in the basement, two floors below me.

I was stapling insulation, and she was using the multitool to fine tune drywall.

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