New Year’s Eve: Whisky and Nostalgia

Liz and I had a mixed day today: indulgent and relaxing, but also errands. We started the morning by hitting up Home Depot, to get a variety of supplies: plywood, primer, insulation.

After that, we had a late brunch at Longman & Eagle, visiting an old favorite in Logan Square.

Liz had the Old Mil Breakfast, without the Old Mil (Two Eggs any style, North Country Bacon, House Potatoes, Ice-Cold Can of Old Milwaukee).

I was debating a burger, but went for biscuits and gravy. Hard to pass this up, anytime I see it on the menu (a favorite breakfast from my childhood).

Fast forward to the evening. Liz made us a delicious pasta carbonara for dinner. And to celebrate the coming new year, we broke into the Bowmore 20 Liz purchased during our visit to Scotland (and Islay).

An interesting note: there was a strong hit of peat, on the first taste. But it wasn’t there at all, on the nose initially. It didn’t show up until that first taste.

And then, just as suddenly, it went away, and the peat subsided on subsequent tastes. Really quite fascinating.

It was nice to open this bottle, as we were waiting for a special occasion since our return from Scotland. And New Year’s Eve seemed like a good excuse for a special occasion.

Post dinner, we watched a movie: Ladyhawke. This was… Liz’s choice.

I ended up falling asleep towards the second half (surprise), but actually found a lot of Matthew Broderick’s lines to be pretty entertaining. That said, as charmed as I was by his dialogue… any time I started to warm up to the film, the soundtrack invaded my ears with nonstop synths.

I know this movie was a product of its times, but I’d love to see a version of this movie with a newer/updated score. I think it would improve things a hundredfold.

Sir, the truth is, I talk to God all the time, and, no offense, but He never mentioned you.

Chicago Blizzard 2011, Day 2: Afternoon
Scotland, Day 6: Bowmore Distillery, Bruichladdich Distillery, Isle of Jura, Jura Distillery

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