Visqueen, Upstairs Hall

We had some good momentum, over the holidays, working on the house. Trying to capture that, Liz and I made a plan to continue working on the house during the week.

It’s kind of a two-fold strategy: aim to stop working at 5PM, and shift gears to work on the house instead. It somewhat ensure we don’t overwork at our jobs, while at the same time prioritize our own house work. Any progress is still progress.

Tonight, we set up the Bakers scaffold (we’re getting to be pretty good at the setup/teardown)… with the goal of putting Visqueen along the South wall.

We were able to take almost an entire 10×25 roll, and stretched it down the hallway.

We (slowly, carefully) worked our way top down, and from the middle. The Bakers scaffold was helpful as a way to reach the middle… and also served as a kind of safety net. So that if we lost our footing, we wouldn’t fall all the way down the stairs or to the first floor. We’d still get pretty banged up, but hopefully less so (spoiler: we were fine).

After the Visqueen was up, Liz was up on a ladder getting ceiling drywall measurements. It’s an old house, and this was a laborious, joist-by-joist process. It being an old house from 1885, things are a little inconsistent.

While she was measuring, Liz discovered a ceiling joist that had writing. And a lot of writing, in fact!

Pushing up some of the attic insulation, she was able to see several names.

It’s hard to make out, and will likely require a lot of Photoshop sorcery… but there are definitely several names, etched into this board.

Visqueen, stapled and set. Eventually, we’ll be putting drywall up… but the ceiling has to go in first.

Holiday House Work: Upstairs Hall
Found Name

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