New Supplies

As I’m continuing my Arduino project, I decided to purchase some additional supplies from Adafruit. I’m eventually going to bite the bullet and solder things, but I’m still trying to figure out what, exactly I need to move from a temp/breadboard setup to a more permanent install.

I got a lot of stuff. A soldering iron, and all the related items (solder, solder wick). Also bought a micro servo, along with a few momentary push buttons.

The tricky part for me lately has been to figure out the hardware that I need. What is actually necessary vs. what I think is necessary.

I’m using a lot of jumper cables at the moment, and I think I need to have some better plan for how to more permanently wire things up.

I feel like my breadboard is currently pretty packed, so the idea of also adding in a push button and a micro servo seems puzzling/challenging. And then there’s this whole other problem of how to auto turn off/on power via a button that I need to figure out, to preserve battery life.

This has been an interesting project. Super slow, high learning curve. But I’d like to think that once I figure out how things should all work, I can create several/multiple versions with ease.

For now though, I have a lot of new supplies. And a semi-firm grasp of how I should be employing them. More to learn.

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