Look, Daisy

A goofy photo of Daisy, somewhat buried in the litter box hay.

I’m sad to share that, a few months back, she started to develop a bit of a cataract over her right eye. So far, it hasn’t impeded her too much (she does run into us a bit more, from time to time). I think this stems from the surprising fact that we learned Daisy is actually a bit older than Phineas.

Daisy has been a cautious/reserved bunny from the start, and had a pretty rough background. So her trust and comfort was a big challenge, since we adopted her.

That said, I think she’s definitely grown more comfortable under our care and under our roof. With the slow loss of her eyesight in one eye, I wonder whether that cautiousness and turst will grow, or whether we’ll need to provide her more reassurances.

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