Tonight was house work night, and I was upstairs tackling the insulation in the guest room. I say “guest room” but there’s an implied “slash office,” as I think our goal is to open up this part of the second floor to be a larger office/bedroom combo (as opposed to two separate rooms).

Because this wall separates the guest/office area from the master bedroom, we wanted to add a bit of soundproofing. The master bedroom itself has sound-dampening drywall, which is a good start. And we’ll be putting the same type of drywall on this side of the wall… but we also wanted to use some sound proof insulation, between the joists. And so – this was my task for the night.

One challenge I didn’t anticipate: we have several of these sound-dampening drywall boards all around the second flood. And let me tell you – these things are heavy. As in – I can barely move them myself, and struggled a lot moving them up onto horses even with Bob’s help.

These things are beasts.

That said, they were in the way and leaning against the wall I wanted to insulate. So I moved them around as best I could, and tucked them between a few exposed wall studs. A little sketch, but they held up for the brief time I needed them to.

Adding in the insulation to the lower half. Mostly an easy process, but one thing to note about the soundproof insulation: it doesn’t separate/split well. This was a bit of a challenge, when trying to install it around conduit and outlets.

If you futz too much with it, the insulation tends to crumble like week-old cake.

I left a few spaces open, as we may need to find-tune the outlets in the middle (which will be for two wall sconces, in the master bedroom).

I ended up covering those areas with a big stretch of Visqueen, as another task for me tonight was to “dust proof” this room a bit.

Liz and I have the ambitious goal of installing some of the sound-dampening drywall along the hallway. But because it’s so big and heavy, we’ll need to cut it down to smaller, more manageable runs.

Because the drywall is so thick, the traditional “cut it with a razor” isn’t going to work. And will likely require us using the circular saw. Which means there’s going to be an incredible amount of dust in the air.

We’ll try to limit this with the shop vac, but part of my job tonight was to ensure that we don’t fill our bedroom with drywall dust later this week.

Hopefully after tonight, this work will keep our bedroom quiet and clean in the coming days.

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