Frozen Encounter

We were at Home Depot today (the one on Roosevelt), getting a bunch of supplies. Liz was driving, and decided to circle around the back as a shortcut.

On rounding the corner, we both saw a large formation of ice. And Liz immediately said “You have to take pictures of that.”

So she threw on the blinkers, and I hopped out of the car. And started walking towards this half-frozen combination of street and sidewalk and tree.

On closer inspection, part of a nearby tree was iced over, and pulled to the ground.

Street view.

I love the fact that someone placed an orange barrel nearby (which also got iced over).

I think that underneath all of this, there’s a fire hydrant that’s spewing a bit of water. Not a lot… just a little. Enough to coat the nearby tree, and cause this small public sculpture.

I think that, depending on the wind, the water from the leaky hydrant got onto a nearby tree limb… but also onto a nearby lamp post.

The day was sunny and warming, so there was some ice melting happening. But there was also a steady stream of water, still coming from the hydrant.

What a lovely, random moment. 90/94 is pretty close by, and Roosevelt is a fairly busy road. But we were less than two blocks away, and it felt like a very private, magical display that the rest of the city wasn’t privy to.

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