Hallway Drywall Installation

Not a ton of photos from the day (it was a long one). We started around 10:30 AM, and finished up closer to 7:30 PM.

The first half of the day, we cut up a lot fo 5/8″ plywood and continued adding backers around the bedroom door, and the entrance to the bathroom. Added more soundproof insulation here and there.

It’s surprising how easily/quickly we’ve picked up the process again: we’re both now very comfortable with adjusting the backers, installing them with the nailer. We made short work of things.

As part of our process around the house, we have a 3/8″ layer of drywall on top of everything (it covers both the soundproof drywall as well as the plywood backer boards). Liz and I debated a few approaches, but the challenge was that we had 8′ boards and our ceiling height upstairs was 9’+.

Rather than stand up the boards vertically, we decided to go with horizontal runs. Trying to stand up 8′ boards along the hallway felt precarious, and working with them in longer horizontal lengths seemed the more manageable way to go.

Bob was over today, working in a different section of the house. He gave us a tool that helped reveal the electrical outlet, without us needing to do custom cuts ahead of time.

We added the 3/8″ drywall over the outlet, then used this thing to cut the outlet opening. Pretty handy!

It looks less impressive from this angle, but these are 8′ boards (the bototm one was trimmed slightly). We ran into a small issue with the top board having a pretty significant gap… but we were able to cut an offset into the side, to get the boards aligned where they needed to be.

Mentioning it here because an issue like this might have derailed us for a significant time, a year or so ago. But on encountering it, we evaluated the situation, made a few measurements, did a cut, and proceeded along with the install.

I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to say we’re getting better. Perhaps we’re getting more comfortable, which is how it feels. A long day, but a good day of progress.

Hallyway Soundproof Drywall, Continued
First Attempt with Soundproof Drywall

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