No Coffee

Our coffee maker broke today. Let me back up.

Yesterday, when I went for my second cup of coffee… there was very little left in the carafe. I realized that I had turned off the machine a little early, as there was still a few cups of water still left in the tank. Odd.

Today, when I tried to start the machine… it beeped, and nothing happened. Dead.

Liz did her research, and we purchased a fairly nice (read: expensive) drip coffee machine. So to have it break in under a year is distressing, to say the least.

We contacted the company’s support (they only have email), but in the meanwhile we have no coffee maker. We were in a mad scramble, trying to figure out how to get that precious caffeine out of the coffee beans.

Liz luckily remembered that we had an Aeropress lying around, and dusted the thing off. After making one really bad cup with it, we eventually figured out (remembered) the process and made some decent cups.

This really was quite the mad scramble today. In my head, it felt like a moment at a party where someone breaks out weed but no one has a pipe or one hiiter. So people are running around, MacGyver-like, trying to fashion a bong out of an apple.

[photo via Tyler Nix]

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  1. I’ve moved to my Aeropress as my primary maker. I think it nicely fills the gap between delicious, quick, and also easy.

    Pre Covid they had a World Aeropress Championship every year – and they share the recipes of the top winners. Some of the winners also have youtube videos showing them making their creations which helps with tips and techniques. Some of them are a bit absurd – there is one recipe out there that calls for 34.9 grams of coffee – as if you use 35 grams, you throw the whole thing off.

    Scott Cline Reply

    • I’m with you on delicious and easy, but a little less on the quick. I think I’m just impatient, and would rather be doing something else while the coffee’s brewing rather than standing around for 90 seconds.

      But perhaps that’s my attention span talking, after spending the last 20 years online, with a mobile phone in my hand.

      I think I also like a large mug of coffee. And what you can get out of a single Aeropress serving is close, but not quite that for me. There is a quantity side of the equation that comes with my caffeine ritual, it seems.

      Thanks for the link to the recipes – will have to give those a go!

      Also: Scott! It’s been an age, how are you? Happy to see your name pop up, and to read your words after all this time. I hope things are well for you, on your side of the screen.

      avoision Reply

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