New Role: Senior Software Engineer at Grubhub

Excited to announce that I’ve been promoted to Senior Software Engineer at Grubhub. I joined the company back in 2018 (with a title of “Software Engineer II”), and I’ve learned and grown an incredibly amount since then.

Looking back, it’s interesting how differently I think about code. I’ve gotten so much exposure to best practices, approaches, even basic day to day decision-making processes. Outside of improving my technical skills, I’ve gotten to learn a lot from the incredibly talented developers that I’m fortunate to call teammates.

I was in management for a good while, before deciding to get my hands dirty again as an actual dev.

During that transition from management back to IC (individual contributor), I’ve been haunted by Imposter Syndrome. And to be quiet honest, that’s never gone away.

With this promotion, there’s a part of me that thinks “Oh great, I’ve fooled these people now to a significant degree. Guess this means I need to work even harder to keep this charade going.”

That said, the stress and feelings of Imposter Syndrome have definitely faded a bit, these last few years. I think it’s a shift: from expecting I should know everything, to expecting I should be open to learning new things. That mindset has helped: don’t expect yourself to know everything. Don’t set the bar to be all-knowing, set that bar to be always learning.

Looking over the arc of my career so far, I’ve also started to think more about what Charity Majors describes as the Engineer/Manager Pendulum.

Looking forward to this next phase with Grubhub. And really enjoying looking over old Grubhub posts from the blog. I really do like the company, and feel very lucky to be working with the talented, good people I see day to day.

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