Basement Shuffle

Today, Liz and I decided to focus our efforts on clearing up some room in the basement. While we’ve been working a lot on installing drywall in the second floor hallway, our main goal has really been to use up the existing materials we have stored (and scattered) around the house.

To that end, we might not finish a given space. But our aim is to reclaim space by getting rid of plywood and drywall boards, all around the house.

For the basement, this means clearing off the drywall leaning against the walls under the stairs… and getting those boards actually on the walls themselves.

First up: clearing some space.

Next: moving several of the doors that Liz has stripped and finished, so that they’re upright and safely away from anything that might damage them.

The big thing: clearing off this wall (next to the basement stairs).

All of the drywall, relocated. The goal over the next few weeks will be to take these sheets, and get them up on the exposed basement walls.

Even just this bit of work has made a huge difference in the basement. There’s a bit more elbow room, and things don’t quite feel so cramped. Looking forward to setting up a staging area, and getting our drywall on down here soon.

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