Post Holes, Revisited

While the posts were affixed into place, we needed to move them so that I could dig a hole (for a support column).

Bob relocated this post, so I could have some space to dig.

I was wondering whether I should have rented another power augur, but it actually wasn’t too bad of a process with a post-hole digger. Which is a tool we have, surprisingly.

Not something I would ever think I’d need, but we’ve needed it several times now.

The big nerd in me, every time I see this tool, can’t help but think of Firefly.

Used the quick-setting cement here, which uses approximately one gallon of water per bag. I drew a half-gallon and one-gallon line on the side of a bucket, and used that to measure the water needed.

I put a half bag down first as a base, followed by a half-gallon of water. After about 30-40 minutes for that first pour to set, I then put down a Sonotube and filled it up bit by bit: half a bag, half a gallon of water.

I eventually got to the point where things were a little too soupy/water, and started to just add concrete mix until things got dry again.

Would have been fun to play with that power augur again, but luckliy we didn’t need it.

Garden Arbor Construction, Part 2

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