Seeing the Back Basement

Bob’s been working in the basement, getting a lot of our electrical updated. We’ve had lights installed in the far West corner of the basement for some time, but they’ve just been hanging out, without power.

Tonight, they’re officially wired up. And we have the ability to turn on all (or some) of the full run of basement lights. It’s really quite a novel and awesome thing.

This far corner is where we we end up piling all the things we don’t quite want to throw away, but don’t have an immediate use/care for. With the lights on now, it’s gotten clearer just how messy and dirty it is, way back here.

It’s great to have the lights on back here, illuminating all the things we’ve been putting out of sight, out of mind. As they’re not quite out of sight anymore.

Wiring the Basement Lights
Basement Shuffle
Cleaning Up the Basement

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