Easter at Christiana Lakehouse

Timing-wise, we weren’t able to spend the weekend up at the lakehouse with Liz’s family. But we were able to swing Sunday, so we woke up super early (departing at 7AM) so that we would arrive at a reasonable hour with the time change (10 AM).

We got food on the way up, but showed up in time to join everyone else for breakfast. Liz noted that we were living like hobbits, with our second breakfast lifestyle.

After breakfast, several of us went for a walk around the neighborhood. We learned that Uncle David and Aunt Beth purchased the lot just past their garage. They’ve got plans to build another house here, and we walked through surveying the work to prep the ground.

Lots of big stones still to be moved.

Liz and I walked around the “island,” a shared/public spot between the houses and the lake. One resident took it upon himself recently to do a “controlled burn” that didn’t end up all that controlled.

And, surprise surprise, got a bit out of hand.

There were lots of charred areas, and you could see where the fire got concentrated. What was surprising up close was how crispy everything was. Nearly 70% of the island looked to have been burned by the fire, with the yellow gras crunching underfoot.


Easter lunch.

Easter Weekend at the Christiana Lake House, Day 1
Easter Weekend at the Christiana Lake House, Day 2

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