A Stoplight, a Sticker, a Story

I was running errands today, and came to a stop behind this car. On the trunk, just above the license plate was a sticker indicating that the driver was a student driver.

I’ve seen these stickers before, usually on a vehicle that’s in use by someone who is in the process of getting their learner’s permit. On actual “Driving School” cars.

But I’ve also seen them on private cars, likely put by parents to warn everyone else that their son or daughter is a new driver. And if it helps avoid some accidents or road rage, why not?

I’m sure the kids don’t love it. But better to have the sticker on a car, then no car at all, right?

As I was looking at the sticker, my mind worked out multiple stories, one after the other. First, I realized it was a young driver in front of me. The “student” part suggested that maybe they were still on their Learner’s Permit.

But then I saw that the sticker also said “Top Driver.” And that made me think, ok… maybe they’re at the top of their class. Sure it’s not great to have a “Student Driver” sticker, but at least you’re better than all the other students?

And then, that’s when I noticed, to the right of the Honda logo… a small little dent in the trunk. And I couldn’t help but think that somewhere, in the not too distant past, perhaps this student driver might have backed into a mailbox. Just a little.

I had a good laugh, kind of scanning this car from left to right.

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