Planting the Apple Trees

After picking up Liz’s apple trees yesterday, today was the day to put them into the ground. We got these 4×4 posts installed last year, but had to wait until now to get the trees.

Liz, trying to determine the best placement.

Aligning heights.

Tools for the task: in addition to putting these trees into the ground, the plan is to “train” them as espalier trees… and to have them take on a custom shape.

To do that, Liz is setting up a continuous run of wires that span between the outer posts.

This involves hooks on the outer posts, and drilling a hole through the middle post. From my perspective, it feels like I’m setting up concertina wire around a prison complex.

Attached! This guy allows for the tightening of the wire, as it’ll loosen as the years go by.

A pretty nerve-wracking moment: Liz trims the apple tree down to the appropriate height. The goal, as she explained it to me, is to discourage growth in the direction of the cut… and as a result, the tree will grow outward (through the other emerging buds).

Adding a little water to each tree. About ready to cut.

On the right: Snow Sweet.

On the left: Wine Crisp.

I’m looking forward to seeing how these guys grow. I’m hoping to document this transformation, for many, many years to come. Exciting to think that these photos are the first in that series.

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