Phineas on a Lot of Meds

Phineas has… not been doing well, lately. He’s had problems going to the bathroom, has been fighting all his medication, and most worrisome of all… he’s really lost his appetite. Which is a very concerning and dangerous sign.

We had him on some medication a few weeks back, and he showed some improvement. But he took a bad turn again recently, and he’s now on a very large assortment of meds.

Of late, I’ve had to force-feed him all of this stuff (the one on the far left is Daisy’s, but the rest are for Phineas).

Hoping he picks back up again. With him not eating, it’s just not a great sign. It’s very troubling.

Phineas Meds
Quincy and the Needle
Giving Medication to the Bunny Rabbits

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