Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 7

I started digging some more under the back porch today around 1PM. Liz ended up joining me circa 5PM. We actually made good progress, despite this being kind of a half day of house work.

One thing we ended up doing: removing the cement column that we had just put in, only a few weeks ago.

We weren’t really thinking ahead, and ultimately the space we want beneath the back deck ate into where the column was. So we dug a post hole and filled it up with concrete… only to remove it a few weeks later.

Luckily, it wasn’t too bad to remove. Once I dug out enough soil, it fell over fairly easily. I cut a groove with the angle grinder, and a few hits with a small sledgehammer got it to crack in two.

A bit more removed, after the column was removed.

We finished a little early, and decided some celebration was in order. So we pulled out our fire pit and decided on a little fire by the arbor.

Long day, with both work work and house work.

Post Holes, Revisited

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