Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 9

Despite us getting a lot done yesterday, Liz and I both decided on doing some more house work today. Because of course we did. Who needs weekends?

Actually, Liz worked longer than I did – as I only put in maybe 2 hours or so, before tapping out. She was outside pretty much all day.

Liz, clearing the front yard and parkway.

We doubled down on what we planned to remove this weekend. I’m seeing double here – Four Bagsters!

I removed a course of brick, and think this mawy give us the depth we need. Not sure though, as we might need to remove another course.

I got a nice Harry Potter scar, thanks to that root in the photo. Didn’t really notice it too much yesterday, but definitely noticed it today.

Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 8

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