Phineas is Struggling

Liz took Phineas in for another checkup today, and we got some really sad news. Phineas is not doing well, and it seems like he’s not likely to recover back to full health.

It’s not definitive, but the suspicion is that he has lymphoma. He’s lost a tremendous amount of weight recently (a pound, since his last visit). And if this trend keeps up, his body will eventually just shut down.

The incredibly difficult thing is: he’s shown improvement, lately. He’s gotten his appetite back, and he’s interested in greens again.

The doctor said that these swings are normal, and sometimes they’ll show signs of recovery, before another period of illness and another downward turn.

Phineas, digging into some greens.

Liz has a very strong bond with Phineas, and this news was really devastating to hear. Particularly in light of the fact that he seemed to be on an upward trajectory.

Phineas feels very bony to the touch, and we’ve been trying hard to help him pack on weight. It’s unclear how much more time he’s got with us – I want to say it may be weeks or months.

A suggestion from one of the vet techs that we know was to keep a calendar, and to keep track of the good days and the bad days. And to see if, in a week’s timeframe, there are more good days or bad. And that could work as a kind of guide.

It’s incredibly difficult imagining saying goodbye to Phineas. I don’t think Liz or I are really able to conceive of that at the moment, but I think we are both quietly trying to prepare ourselves. It’s very difficult to know how much time we have left with him.

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