Ozark: Final Season

I started watching Ozark back in 2021, getting hooked after the second episode. In fact, I know the exact moment where I got hooked: it’s a scene in the second episode, where the kids are asking their mom why the family has completely and unexpectedly uprooted their lives from Chicago, moving to the Ozarks.

Charlotte (the daughter) asks: “Mom, what are we doing here?”
Wendy (the mother) replies: “Your father’s laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel.”

Any other series, I think, could have milked this inherent tension for a solid season or more. Will the kids find out? Will they catch on? But this show immediately dealt with this really close to the start of the show, bringing the kids immediately up to speed with what was going on.

To me, I was intrigued. If the writers dealt with this so early, it meant that they wouldn’t be wasting any time with any “will the kids find out” episodes. Which made me wonder: what kind of episodes will they be writing, then, if not that one?

I really enjoyed the whole series. And with the recent release of the final episodes of Season 4 (the last season), I’ve binge-watched all of them. And immediately started watching Season 1 again, because I wanted to see what I missed the first time around.


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