Supply Run

After work, Liz and I ran off to do a ton of errands on the north side. We hit up both Home Depot and Menard’s, looking to get all manner of supplies for the work under the back deck.

Our car can easily handle 8′ lengths… but we got a 10′ length of pipe that I needed to take back into Home Depot and manually saw down to fit.

By the time we got to Menard’s, it was getting pretty late. I was getting hangry, and ended up needing to purchase some beef jerky at the register just so I could keep shopping.

It was an oddly quiet and serene experience, being out in the outdoor warehouses at Menard’s, with no one else around. By the time we were headed home though, both Liz and I were pretty worn out. The two of us were snacking on a candy bar, as it was well past our dinner time.

Full day today.

Home Depot Date Night

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