Giving Phineas Subcutaneous Fluids

I took Phineas in to the vet today. One of the things he now needs is subcutaneous fluids, twice a week.

We’ve had some limited experience with injections, but both Liz and I were not great/comfortable with needles. And it turns out that Liz couldn’t bring herself to do the subcutaneous injections, so I needed to be the one.

I got a crash course at the vet (and peppered them with a ton of questions).

Today? First day I attempted this myself. I was more than a bit nervous, partly concerned I’d hurt Phineas and partly concerned I’d do the whole thing incorrectly.

Of note: Chicago Exotics has a nice YouTube channel, where they have some how-to videos.

First round was a success. I’m sure it’s not the most comfortable thing for Phineas, but it’s something he needs. And as uncomfortable as it is for me, his need trumps my comfort. Here’s hoping the fluids help.

Phineas is Struggling
Quincy and the Needle

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