Watching the Connie’s Pizza Delivery Guy

For the Music League I’m in at work, our topic this week is “Earliest Song You Remember as an MP3.”

So tonight found me digging through my archives, trying to see what I might have downloaded from Napster/Limewire/Audio Galaxy, way back when.

As I was going back over files, I happened across my blog archives. And discovered this gem of a video, where several of us at Emmis Interactive were watching a Connie’s delivery guy bring in a big order from his car.

I have to tell you – I was cracking up, watching this. In the background, I think I can hear Jane, Chris, Mike and Kashif.

What a lovely snapshot back to October 14, 2005.

I hate that all my Flash videos are borked. But glad this one will live on, on YouTube.

Can anyone say “Impulse Buy?”
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