Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 12

Liz is away this week in Atlanta, helping watch Sebastian, Audrey, and Paige while Tricia and Darryl are away. So that leaves me solo here at the house.

Before you think that this means a lot of free time for me, think again. There’s a lot more work to be done under the back porch, and not a lot of time to get it done. So I’ve got a week of solo runs ahead of me.

Ever since Bob said it, the line has stuck in my brain. Found another piece of grandma.

A top layer of the wall came off fairly easily.

Just a few bricks left.


From row to pile.

Looking in/down, from the driveway.

Trying to maximize the space in the Bagster.

A bit of an odd angle.

More brick coming away.

This Augmented Reality version of Tetris just sucks.

The wall (removed).

Digging Under the Back Porch, Part 11

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