A Day Outside

Today is the start of a three day weekend. It’s also the first day, in a long while, where Liz and I haven’t had a lot to do.

A week ago, I was doing a ton of solo work with the back porch dig… and Liz was in Atlanta, working remotely and watching over Tricia’s kids.

And from that, we jumped into the weekend and had a huge few days prepping for, and actually doing, the big cement pour.

From there, we jumped right into another work week. And for me, it was one where I went into the office every day, after a two year hiatus.

So today… we had a light day. And we opted to spend it outside, doing a lot of (much needed) clean up work.

Since we had taken out the back steps, the back yard has been left to its own devices. We literally had no way to get the lawn mower outside until recently, and the yard was in sore need of a trim.

A Liz, spotted in her natural environment.

After mowing, I cleared off the front porch and did a lot of debris clean-up in the driveway and front sidewalk.

The front area, a bit more presentable. Removed a lot of weeds between the driveway and our sidewalk, and also swept all the seed pods that had fallen from our tree (it was a mess).

Close to the end of the day, we settled back with a drink and some music. And admired that good-looking arbor that someone put in, many months ago.

A long day, but good to spend it working outside.

Yard Work
Front Yard Work

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