Images from the Garden

The roses Liz planted all around the backyard are starting to emerge. Snapped a few photos, as I’ve mostly been documenting soil and concrete lately… and haven’t really shared much of what the rest of the yard looks like.

Just about to pop.

I have a bit more invested in the backyard plants now, as I was tending to them nearly every morning when Liz was away in Georgia. Being the one responsible for the plants, albeit briefly, made me feel a bit more connected to everything back here.

Every time I see it, I still think to myself “That’s a nice looking arbor“.

Things really starting to emerge.

One of these days, we really need to have some neighbors back here… just to hang out, have some drinks, and to let others enjoy this space. Maybe once we get a bit more of the construction craziness out of the way.

A Day Outside
Painting the Arbor

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