Returning to 20×2 Chicago After Two Years

It’s incredibly difficult to process the fact that it’s been two years since I attended/participated in 20×2 Chicago.

Talking to Andrew before the show started… it really didn’t register that it had been two years since we last met in person. Two years since we had last stood in this particular room.

Time sure flies when you’re self-isolating.

A view of the crowd, before the show started. I was actually up to bat first, which was something of a relief. I still get super nervous before public speaking events, and relish the idea of being able to go early in the program.

That way, I can be done and focus on enjoying all the other presenters. Instead of just sitting in my seat, trying to go through my talk while everyone else is presenting.

Andrew, taking the stage again at Schuba’s.

Me, talking about my very lucky penny.

This was a particularly interactive show, with more audience participation than I’ve ever seen at a 20×2 Chicago event before.

I’ll leave a bit of this teaser, until the videos become available on YouTube. This is Lily Be, talking about how she’s always wanted to stage dive and crowd surf. And basically challenged the crowd, saying that if folks really cared about her… they’d help make her dream a reality.

And then this happened:

Post event, Liz and I slid over a few blocks, grabbed some pizza slices and settled into a table at Delilah’s.

Definitely impressed by the whisky selection, and by far one of the most extensive whisky menus we’ve seen so far in the city. We for sure need to go back for some more tasting/exploring.

Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: Is It Possible?

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