Tornado Warning

Tonight, after work, we heard the Tornado sirens go off. Generally, they’re just test runs… but those happen earlier in the day, usually.

This was close to 6PM. And as we checked our weather apps, we saw that Cook County was under a Tornado Warning.

For clarification: a Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable, and you should maybe keep an eye out. A Tornado Warning means an actual tornado was spotted, and you should seek shelter right freaking now.

With the sirens going off, Liz nad I relocated to the basement.

As I was checking my phone, Liz kept busy picking up here and there. Her comment was “I guess I’m going to die organizing.”

I won’t lie – it was distressing hearing the sirens continuously going off. I stepped out a few times, and the weather had really picked up.

Here’s a quick video of the sounds we heard in the basement, and also the rain/lightning that came in soon after:

Thankfully, no real damage or danger by us. I’m a little sad we didn’t see the 2″ hail that was forecasted, but maybe that’s for the best.

Crazy Hail Storm, Logan Square
Tornado Sirens, Logan Square
Tornados and Lightning, Logan Square
Storm Damage, Logan Boulevard

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