So we have one final big job left, for the new storage area under the back porch: filling the concrete block cores with concrete.

There’s a little bit of prep work involved, bending the rebar down into the bond beams, setting up a plywood frame to create a “cap” at the top of the wall, and a frame to extend a step into the yard.

But once all that’s done, we mix and pour in concrete into the cores… and fill everything up. Which, if my math is correct, ends up being a good number of bags.

A surprising number of bags.

The concrete bags got delivered today. After work, my aim was to relocate everything from the front of the house towards the back (where we’ll be doing the actual mixing).

Each bag is 80 pounds, and I have the arms of a computer programmer. So I took about 3 bags at a time, wheeling them down bit by bit.

Slowly but surely.

All 70 bags, relocated. When I stopped to do the math, this was about 5,600 pounds I moved from point A to point B. In some pretty hot weather, to boot.

I got the chills a few times during this process, so that was an indicator I was getting overheated and needed to pause a bit (which I did). All told, I was able to move things faster than I thought… and got everything relocated.

A few more days, and then another big (and hopefully final) pour.

The Back Porch Cement Pour

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