Keeper of Time

I came across the documentary Keeper of Time several months ago, and was completely taken by the trailer. I was so intrigued by this documentary that I actually put in a calendar reminder for myself to buy tickets to see this thing online.

Unfortunately, the online premiere was very specific in its offering: you could buy tickets, but could only watch the film online at very specific, predetermined times.

The option to purchase or rent the doc, and watch it at your convenience, wasn’t available.

Unfortunately, things got busy in late April and the timing didn’t work out. But this documentary still stayed in my memory, and it’s something I thought about again today.

Seems like it’s now available to rent via Vimeo. Not 100% sure how I’ll get this to play on my TV, but definitely going to find a way. This doc looks really fantastic.

Side note: in graduate school, one of the electives I took (that needed to be outside of my field, creative writing)… was a class about Technology in Greek and Roman civilization.

One of the topics I wrote a paper on was around how Greeks/Romans tracked time. And I learned a lot about how time was this very difficult, abstract concept that really was a kind of sea change for us as a civilization.

Ever since, the notion of time as a concept has been a point of fascination for me. Can’t wait to watch this doc.

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