A Day Outside

Today was a day off for me. And while I planned to do a little bit of work on the house, I hadn’t planned on spending the entire day outside. But apparently, that’s where my energy took me, and that’s what I did (despite the 90+ degree heat).

One of my main goals: fix the spigot, which was leaking. I did a bit of research on YouTube and found out my problem was the anti-siphon valve.

I woke up early, and made it out to Home Depot where I purchased a few replacement pieces. After breakfast, I fiddled with things… and eventually got the original anti-siphon valve working again. Guess I have a few returns to do at HD!

I have to say – this was a simple fix. But it felt really nice/good. Lately, a lot of the house tasks have been part of a larger project/endeavor. And most of what I’ve had on my to-do list has been necessary tasks. Must-complete tasks.

Today, I got to pick and choose what I wanted to do… and that felt incredibly liberating. A simple fix here (along with some new washers) gave me a burst of energy, that lasted the whole day.

I posted some photos of the excess material I had, and got to pass these along to a neighbor. A lot of lifting (18 bags of concrete, one bag of fast-setting concrete, and 4 bags of mortar)… but felt good to clear this out of the way.

A few extra cement blocks.

And some extra corner blocks. I have someone interested in these, but I need to make sure they want ALL the blocks. Looking to clear some more space soon, once these guys are out of the way.

For the remainder of the day, I did a lot of watering: the backyard, the front yard, the garden boxes, all over.

I spent a lot of time outside, picking up and making sure all of our plants/veggies were getting some water during a pretty brutal day.

I’m usually one for playing video games and taking naps. But for whatever reason, I wanted to be outside… and being under the sun felt great, despite the oppressive heat. I’m still not quite sure I understand what came over me, but it felt good to move around and to sweat. A day off, and a day of motion.

Inside Outside House Day
An Inside Outside Work Day

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