Broken Meter

Liz and I were both feeling super low energy today, at the end of the work day. But it wasn’t quite the end of the work day yet.

So we decided to take a brief walk outside, and go grab a small coffee at Starbucks.

This isn’t something we tend to do, despite the fact that we work from home. We tend to just stay inside most days… and don’t tend to venture out in the neighborhood, unless it’s the weekend.

But we were feeling tired. And the weather was nice. And it seemed like a good break to take.

On our way, we spotted this broken parking meter – splayed out on the sidewalk. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but something serious and big must have caused that bend, at its base.

With Chicago having transitioned over to electronic meters in 2008, these older, physical meters are definitely relics of a bygone era. They’re still around, but feel as dated as coin-based telephones anymore.

The view from the other side is equally sad. It’s one thing to see technology take over, but another thing entirely to watch older tech slowly fade away and deteriorate. I’m not even sure whose job it would be to clean this up.

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