Anne Frank’s High Heels

by Phillis Levin

Miep managed to snap them up for 27.50 guilders. Burgundy-colored suede and leather…
— Anne Frank, Tuesday, August 10, 1943

When Miep took us home with her
She held us up in the air,

Eye-level with those eyes
You may know, eyes spelling

Sorrow-girl, wait-for-me,

One-day, hurry-back, don’t-tell.
Two new hands took us in,

Skin cradling skin.
How empty we had been,

Only a little bit worn?—
Not a penny, not a pebble

Dwelling within.
We became an altar,

An offering red as wine,
A wishing well.

She was made to carry us
Near and far,

We were made to bear
The pressure of her feet

In darkness, in light,
Their sweetness, their heat.

We were getting used to her.
Miep calls us a handsome pair.

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  1. Some additional context, regarding this poem.

    On our visit to Amsterdam, visiting the Anne Frank House was an incredibly memorable experience.

    I recall standing inside, looking through the shaded windows to the world outside, and feeling incredibly overwhelmed with emotion, and came near to tears.

    avoision Reply

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