Date Night, Franklin Room

The basement wall project has been… all-consuming, for several months now. While we still have some follow-up tasks remaining, the core fill was the biggest, final step in that project.

I’m still not sure I’m recuperated from that whole thing.

Liz and I were talking, and realized most of the last few months have been all about either work work or house work. So we decided to make it a point to go out on a date. And what better place that our favorite whisky spot, the Franklin Room.

Below, you might notice that some of the bottles have a bit more color/design to them, than the normal SMWS labeling. Those bottles are part of Whisky Festival Season, and a series of bottles released by the Society that are focused on a specific region. This was one of the big draws for us coming here tonight, to do a bit of tasting.

Honestly, the biggest draw for us is the fact that they are the only bar in Chicago that has Society bottles. While drams are not cheap, they’re a bit cheaper than actually paying for an entire bottle.

We’ve gotten lucky with our servers, who give us 1/2 oz pours, so that we can taste multiple bottles. It was great fun to ask to see all the Society bottles, and to have them sitting in front of us for our whole outing (we got a few stares).

My two first tastes: Treats Amongst the Hay (Braes of Glenlivet [Braeval Distillery]). And Worlds Collide (Rhosdhu [Loch Lomond Distillery]).

An interesting note on Worlds Collide: the Society code starts with a “G”, which I had never seen before. Apparently it’s an indicator that it’s a Grain Whisky.

Liz’s first two: Out of this World (Glen Garioch) and Around the Clock (Auchentoshan).

Liz’s next two: Death in the Afternoon (Ben Nevis) and Changes Faster than a Chameleon (Glen Scotia).

My next two: Time Travellers (Bowmore) and Galloping Through Lush Meadows (Clynelish).

My date for the evening.

While we didn’t try them all, we did try a lot. Fun exploring some new bottles, and littering up the bar a little bit.

Date Night: Franklin Room
Julie’s Birthday: Franklin Room

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