Painting the Basement Wall, Back Porch Cleanup

I had plans this morning to pick up some mulch for the front yard and parkway. And honestly, that was about it. Get some mulch, and then just relax. But today ended up turning into another house day, despite it all.

I tend to go to the Lowe’s in Gresham for a specific type of much that Liz prefers. When I showed up there, they only had three bags (and all were damaged/torn). So I called City Escape Garden Center (another location that I know carries this mulch). They had enough in stock, so I made the trek up north.

The prices there were a bit steep (twice as much as I’m used to paying). But I got what I needed, and headed back home.

After a late morning, Liz and I suited up to do a little outdoor work. I had someone coming by to pick up some surplus concrete blocks, and I figured I’d mow the lawn before they arrived.

As I was working on the yard, Liz was cleaning up the back porch area. I had made some progress yesterday, and Liz did the remainder of the cleaning/clearing today.

The last bit of bricks to get relocated.

As I was filling up the garden boxes, I killed some time doing a bit of light weeding near the Apple trees.

Spotted a lightning bug during the day, which made me think this guy was particularly industrious. Imagining him awake (and lit) all night, I wondered when he found the time to sleep.

Part of my work today included using a sawzall to remove some of the remaining plywood supports still left in the ground. While trying to rip things out, I gouged out a bit of my finger instead.

Threw on a bandaid, and then decided to wrap my finger with duct tape (to prevent dirt/debris from getting in). This isn’t quite Bob-level field surgery, and probably would be considered a paper cut on a job site. But it did the job.

Liz, painting the interior wall.

Throwback to an item I purchased during the heyday of the pandemic. I had the idea that I’d go on morning walks, and pick up trash all around the neighborhood. I bought this guy, and never went on the walks.

I like the fact that this was produced by a company called Unger. In my head, I’m calling this thing Felix’s Unger.

After we called it around 5PM, Liz and I sat on the back porch and watched the birds frolicking in the yard. I ended up throwing out a piece of bread, and we had ourselves a mini Nature documentary.

One thing I failed to capture: a squirrel that barged in, grabbed the bread, and ran off with it… bold as brass. Here’s him scarfing it down just a few feet away.

A view of the basement wall, with a coat of paint.

The wall along the driveway looks especially nice.

One more coat left, and then I can throw in the remaining soil as backfill.

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