Catching Up with Jenny

I learned my cousin Jenny was in town this week, and we made plans to meet up for an early breakfast/coffee. Something about this week – a ton of friends and family are in town. When it rains it pours, I guess.

It’s difficult to comprehend that the last time Jenny and I saw one another was before the pandemic hit. 2019 seems like a lifetime ago.

We had an early coffee at Dollop downtown, and swapped stories for a good long while. Afterwards, I gave her a lift out to the suburbs.

On our way North, we stopped at Colectivo Coffee in Lincoln Park, where she wanted to stop to drop off a gift for a friend.

I’d never been to Colectivo before, and never had their coffee. I do have to say – I was impressed by the fact that there was a line out the door for their coffee (and a quiet looking Starbucks, across the street).

Brief selfie, with a bit of coffee for good measure. Was really nice to catch up again, after all this time.

One of the things we talked about (and something we discussed last time) was how we need to restart our annual family visits again. I’m not sure if we do a cousins only thing, or try a larger family thing. But since Grandma Phoebe passed, none of the family has gotten together.

We all used to return to Indianapolis for her birthday, which was a great way for us all to keep in contact. But it’s been several years now, and without her… we haven’t gotten together. As the oldest grandchildren, it seems to fall to us to figure something out.

Early Coffee with Jenny

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