The Last Bin

Spent today starting to do some of the backfill. There’s a small gap between the concrete walls, the plywood supports, and the actual backyard. That space needs to get filled with soil, so that the yard doesn’t collapse into it… and to also provide a bit more material for rain to run through.

Excited to say that this bin is the very last bin full of soil in our driveway. We had about 7-8 garbage bins just full of soil, lined up along the side of the house. Everything else got taken away via Bagster bags, but we knew we needed to keep some soil for backfill.

A small area near the steps that had washed away due to recent rain. Seeing this made me concerned, and got a fire lit under me to really start filling this space in more.

Like a genius, I spent a lot of time trying to throw soil in under the stairs at an angle (and then trying to tamp it down with a 2×4 at an angle).

Then, I realized I could just take the stair up… and throw soil down from the top. Only took me an hour and a half to figure this out.

No wonder my projects take twice as long to actually finish.

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