Final Backfill

I really wasn’t feeling doing more house work today. But timing-wise, it made sense to put in a bit more time.

Bob was slated to install our AC units soon. And it would be easier for us to do a bit more concrete work, before those units are installed. So after a late morning brunch, Liz and I suited up and put a little time outside.

While clearing up a bit of the shared driveway, I came across one of many incredibly large earthworms. Out soil is pretty good, so it’s not much of a surprise (though this guy was particularly large).

Liz, watering the soil and newly laid grass seed, alongside the brick work she’d put in.

We killed a bit of our grass, getting this wall set up and built. Trying to bring it all back now.

It didn’t really hit me until much later, when Liz pointed out that today… officially… we were done with all our soil backfill.

The bricks will likely sink a bit, in the coming weeks. And we’ll need to readdress the soil getting compacted down. But for all intents and purposes, all the soil backfill we need to do is done.

We have a bit more work we want to do on the floor/foundation. But in many ways, today marks the final bit of work needed to call this project done. Hard to believe!

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