Back Porch Demo, AC Install Begins

Did a bit of demo today on the back porch, clearing out some of the old railing… to make way for the extended deck.

One thing I failed to do, before starting in with the Sawzall… was clear the railing of plants. The vibrations from my demo ended up breaking two pots.

The terrible thing? One of these pots was a replacement I had to procure, because of a prior pot that I broke while working in the kitchen.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Railings removed, above our basement steps.

While I was working on the porch demo, Bob was getting our refrigerant lines set up in the basement. We unrolled a pretty long line over the backyard, and fed it back in to the basement.

We are slowly getting our AC units installed, which is incredibly exciting to say out loud. We’ve been working with window units for a long while now, and all of this back porch work (the excavation, the clearing of space) allows us to install two AC units… and to finally get central air set up.

Exciting stuff!

Back Porch Repair

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