Phineas Gets a Bath

With Phineas being a bit more lethargic lately, he’s taken to sitting around more. And sometimes, going to the bathroom while he’s just… sitting around. Which makes for a little bit of a mess, on his undercarriage.

We’ve taken to cleaning him here and there, by trying to wipe things down with a damp rag. But today, Liz and I decided we needed to bite the bullet and give him a more formal bath (technically, a butt soaking).

We used an old litter box, put in a towel so he had some traction for his feet… and filled it up with a few inches of warm water.

I held Phineas initially, and basically dunked his butt and feet into the water. Liz worked on freeing up his matted fur, and getting a lot of the dirty stuff out.

This is a bit weird to say, but it was a thought I had while we were doing the cleaning: for both humans and pets, there seems to be this correlation between love and proximity to genitalia.

As our loved ones get older and need more medical care, a certain amount of decorum slides away. Things need to get cleaned, things need to get done, and it just… has to get done.

Poop, stains, bodily fluids… all of it’s just stuff that needs tending to, at a certain point.

While we got a lot freed up with the soak, we entered into our second phase of cleaning. We dried Phineas off a little with some towels, and then set about trying to clean him up some more.

We had a combination of brushes, scissors, and took our time. We were very close to some sensitive areas, so Liz and I took turns trying to clean (and remove) what we could.

In addition to this, we also had a hair dryer that we had on the lowest setting. We were worried about Phineas catching a cold, and wanted to ensure he was fairly dried off (a very slow process).

I’m happy to report we got things looking a lot better, and cleaned up a lot more. Hopefully our little guy is a bit more comfortable, despite a very trying and stressful session with us.

Look at this face.

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