Bold Bunny

Today, after work, as Liz and I were relaxing on the back porch… we spotted this guy in the yard. I’ve let our grass go a little bit, so things are somewhat overgrown. Enough so that it appears we’re getting bunnies showing up again.

But the thing is – this guy was not your usual bunny!

After a while, he started moseying towards our house.

And then started walking down the driveway!

When I started to follow him, he paused and looked back. Almost as if chiding me for not keeping up.

A little further, I caught up with him near the front of the yard. I’ve let the weeds take over the small patch of soil between our walkway and the driveway, and he paused here to much on some greens.

And then kept on going!

Looking back, Liz nad I couldn’t tell if this was Harold.

Garden Arbor Construction, Part 10

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