A Momentary Danger

We had a brief downpour/storm this afternoon. It was fast (under an hour), but apparently it did a bit of damage.

Liz was out working on the front porch, when she kept hearing passing cars running over tree limbs. On closer inspection, she saw that one of the tree limbs (from the tree in our parkway) had broken off… and was dangling above the passing cars.

It’s a bit hard to make out, but it’s that portion directly above the car in the road.

Slightly different view.

The issue with this that Liz realized: we have a University of Chicago shuttle bus that has a route down our street. I’d say we see it twice an hour, sometimes. And that vehicle is taller than most other cars.

Each time that shuttle bus would come by, it would likely hit this dangling branch… increasing the chance that it’d come down (either on the shuttle, or on some of the parked cars nearby).

I ended up calling 311 and put in a service request to get this taken care of. And let others know on our block (we have some great neighbors, and everyone is really active on a shared email list).

I was surprised to hear chainsaw noises a few hours later, when it was dark outside. When I looked out the front window, I realized that it was the city… responding to my service request, taking down the problematic tree limb!

From call to action, I’d say it was maybe three, three and a half hours. I was seriously impressed.

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